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Our History

Pastor Curtis Gibson grew up in Central Virginia and was thrilled to be invited to pastor a church in the area in 1986.  Over the next few years, many encouraged him and his wife, Eileen, to pioneer a church in Charlottesville.  In April of 1990, they began a weekly bible study at Albemarle High School.  With a core group and a newspaper ad that read WANTED: Spirit filled believers to form Word of Faith Church, the first service was held July 22, 1990. 

In October 1993, we purchased our current building on Lambs Road, across from Albemarle High School. We paid the mortgage in full in less than 10 years. 

Pastor Curt died suddenly in October 1997 and Pastor Eileen guided the church through this difficult season.  She married Terry Lehmann in 2000. He was ordained in 2004 and left his secular job in 2006 to pastor full-time with Eileen. 

In 2006, a Latino Ministry was birthed with Associate Pastor Rich Hubbard and his wife, Judy. This bilingual ministry became Rios de Agua Viva in January 2010. We were excited to be part of planting and supporting this work.

Early 2015 brought both a new name, Connect Church, and a new look.  Our name reflects a new mandate to connect with ministries and our community. We share our facilities with local churches, para-church ministries and other community organizations. 

As a part of the Body of Christ, we are making history in Charlottesville and Central Virginia!

1990: April Bible Study began at AHS and the first church service was July 22nd


1993: Land and building next to AHS purchased in October


1997: Pastor Curt graduated to heaven


2000: Pastor Terry and Eileen married


2002: The building mortgage paid in full


2004: Pastor Terry gets ordained


2010: Rios de Agua Viva planted


2015: With a new name and a face-lift, Connect Church is ready to make new history!

our TEAM



Hospitality and C4 Ministries




Praise and Worship Ministry


Discipleship Ministry

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