Join Connect Church and Hope for Israel for First Friday Shabbat, a community event created to help you discover the Jewish roots of your faith.

Our monthly Shabbat celebration takes place the First Friday of the month. We gather together and welcome the Shabbat through traditional blessings and a kosher meal. We encourage people to bring a dish to share. After the meal, a guest speaker takes us deeper into the connection between Biblical Judaism and Christianity.

What is Shabbat?

In Biblical Judaism, the Jewish people were instructed by God to set aside the seventh day as a day of rest each week. This is when the concept of Sabbath was first introduced. Today, the Jewish people celebrate the Sabbath from Friday until Saturday, beginning and ending at sundown.

“Blessed is the person … who keeps the Shabbat.” Isaiah 56:2

You are always welcome to bring family and friends to this event! Please RSVP here by clicking the upcoming Shabbat on the upcoming events page and visiting the “event website”.

Please bring a Kosher (no pork or shellfish) dish to share.